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Development Release: Smoothwall Express 3.1 RC4

Neal Murphy has announced the availability of the fourth release candidate for Smoothwall Express 3.1, a specialist distribution for firewalls and routers: "The Smoothwall community is pleased to announce the fourth release candidate for our long awaited Smoothwall Express 3.1 firewall. RC4 corrects a few problems found in...

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta Released

Red Hat has delivered an early Christmas present for enterprise Linux users out there... Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta 1 is now available!..

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OwnCloud 6 Has New Design, File Previews

The ownCloud software for running your own private cloud server for storing files is up to version 6. With ownCloud 6 comes some very exciting features for this open-source private cloud software...

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Cook: Live Patching the Kernel

Over on his blog, kernel security developer Kees Cook has a description of live patching the kernel to disable the kexec system call in older kernels. The idea is to be able to turn off kexec without rebuilding the older kernels (future kernels may be able to use the proposed...

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Goodbye, Win XP - Hello, Linux?

Microsoft will stop security support for Windows XP this coming April, meaning that more than a few remaining users of the long-standing OS need to come up with an alternative plan. Almost a third of desktop computers still run Windows XP, according to Net Applications. Perhaps even more concerning, more...

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The Open Source Solution to the Bee Colony Collapse Problem

Last year, a third of honeybee colonies in the United States quite literally vanished. Commercial honey operations, previously abuzz with many thousands of bees, fell suddenly silent, leaving scientists and beekeepers alike scratching their heads. The reasons remain mostly a mystery for what is called Colony Collapse Disorder—a disturbing development of the...

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