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FreeRDS Back-End For Wayland's Weston Still Coming

A FreeRDS back-end compositor for Wayland's Weston is still under development, but it doesn't look like it will meet the deadline for the upcoming Wayland/Weston 1.4 release...

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Best of Top 10 Open Source Projects in 2013

We cover a wide range of open source projects on From beehives to Linux, from the Netherlands to India, featuring a diversity of open source projects is part of our mission. It's a goal we achieved in 2013 and one we'll continue to strive for in 2014. Our readers tell...

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AMD Radeon Catalyst Benchmarks On SteamOS

Here's some quick dual AMD Radeon graphics card tests with the Catalyst driver of Valve's SteamOS beta...

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Open-Source libCEC Advanced For HDMI CEC Support

The open-source libCEC library continues to advance in providing better support for the CEC bus in HDMI so that Linux boxes can more easily interact with CEC-enabled A/V devices...

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Latest Stable LibreOffice 4.1.4 Released

The Document Foundation today announced the release of LibreOffice 4.1.4, the latest in the stable family of the popular office suite.

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A Note for Those Upgrading to Fedora 20

Discussions on the Fedora mailing lists have made it clear that attempting to upgrade a machine to Fedora 20 with fedup 0.7 will end badly. The solution is simple enough: update fedup to version 0.8 before doing the upgrade; those upgrading from Fedora 18 should also pass the --nogpgcheck flag to fedup.

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