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New KDE Screen Management Tool Ready for Widespread Use

With the first stable release of KScreen 1.0, its developers say the tool is now ready for use. The open source application allows users to "magically" configure screens, TVs and projectors attached to a KDE system...

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LibreOffice 4.1's First Release Candidate Arrives

LibreOffice heads into the month-long closing straight as the first release candidate is made available to testers and interested users in the lead up to 22 July's planned publication of the final version...

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The First Ten Android Apps a Professional Should Download

Business professionals are warming up to Android. For those picking up their first Android device, here are 10 highly useful apps to get you started.

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South Tyrol Government to Standardise on LibreOffice

The government in South Tyrol has announced that it is to migrate from MS Office to LibreOffice over the next three years...

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GCC 4.8 vs. LLVM/Clang 3.3 On Intel's Core i7 4770K

Complementing the earlier Phoronix article about optimized binaries for Intel Haswell CPUs via the "-march=core-avx2" Haswell compiler optimizations, in this article is a comparison of the GCC and LLVM/Clang compilers when targeting the new Core i7 4770K CPU. GCC 4.7.3, GCC 4.8.1, LLVM Clang 3.2, and LLVM Clang 3.3 were...

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Slackel KDE-4.10.4 "Live" Released

Slackel is a live system based on Slackware and usually ships in Openbox and KDE editions. Today the Slackel crew announced their latest, Slackel Live KDE-4.10.4. "A collection of two KDE live iso images are immediately available that can be burned to a DVD or used with a USB drive." Slackel KDE-4.10.4 Live is based on the current tree of Slackware and features Linux 3.9.5, KDE 4.10.4, Xorg X Server 1.13.4, GCC 4.8.1, and Firefox 21.0. It also includes lots of other software like Clementine, VLC, and the Calligra office suite too, as well as a long list of configuration tools. I didn't see one for installing proprietary...

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