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The Long and Winding Road to Shellshock Recovery

Four days after the Shellshock vulnerability was disclosed, Incapsula's Web application firewall deflected more than 217,000 attempted exploits on more than 4,100 domains. The company recorded upwards of 1,970 attacks per hour, from more than 890 IPs around the world. Shellshock was expected to be far worse than the Heartbleed...

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China Will Upgrade all PCs to Linux by 2020

China have announced a new time frame in which they will move to a new operating system. 

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Microsoft Opens Office 365 to Devs with APIs, SDKs

Microsoft is putting its Office 365 crown jewels on display, opening up APIs to the environment to attract third-party developers to the platform.…...

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KDBUS Submitted For Review To The Mainline Linux Kernel

It looks like KDBUS, the Linux kernel D-Bus implementation, is posed to be added to the next kernel release after Greg Kroah-Hartman sent out its patches today...

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Survey Indicates Four Out of Five Developers Now Use Open Source

Forrester Research's survey shows that most developers, even ones who usually stick with Microsoft Visual Studio, are now using open source.

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Spooky Linux Urban Legends

Sleep tight, kiddo… we've banished the boogie-man.

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