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Distribution Release: OpenELEC 4.0

Stephan Raue has announced the release of OpenELEC 4.0, a major new update of the distribution designed for media centres and built for several specialist devices, such as Raspberry Pi and Apple TV.

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OpenMandriva­ Lx 2014.0

The OpenMandriva Community has announced the release of OpenMandriva­ Lx 2014.0 Phosphorus. "The kernel has been upgraded to 3.13.11 nrjQL – a powerful variant of the 3.13.11 kernel that has been configured with desktop system performance and responsiveness in mind. To achieve this the CPU and RCU have been configured...

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SuperTuxKart Is Driving A More Advanced Graphics Engine

The SuperTuxKart open-source Mario Kart inspired racing game will soon be presenting a brand new graphics engine to power the game...

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CyanogenMod 11.0 M6 is Available

The developers of the CyanogenMod Android derivative have announced the availability of the 11.0 M6 release. The announcement also includes details about changes in the release scheme; there will be no more "stable" releases; instead, the project will attempt to produce reliable "M" releases with increasing frequency. "Our goal is...

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XBMC 13.0 Released

Version 13.0 of the XBMC media center application is available. "The dark night of waiting is finally over. Because here it is. The stable release of XBMC 13.0 Gotham edition. It has been months of hard work, improvements and testing since the 12.x releases." New features include better Android support...

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The 3.15-rc4 Kernel Prepatch is Out

Linus has released the 3.15-rc4 prepatch. "There's a few known things pending still (pending fix for some interesting dentry list corruption, for example - not that any remotely normal use will likely ever hit it), but on the whole things are fairly calm and nothing horribly scary. We're in the...

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