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Crowd-Funding Is Back For Another Mesa Extension

After running a successful crowd-funding campaign, Timothy Arceri delivered on his word of implementing KHR_debug support for Mesa. The OpenGL 4.3 extension that came as a result of crowd-funding was successfully merged in Mesa and can be found with the forthcoming 10.0 release. Now the developer is back looking to...

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DOSBox – Runs Old MS-DOS Games/Programs in Linux

Ever wanted to play old DOS games or use old compilers like Turbo C or MASM to run assembly language code? If you have and were wondering how, then DOSBox is the way to go. What is DOSBox? It is an open source software that emulates a computer running MS-DOS.

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The Linux Kernel Community Learns How to Grow More Penguins

The Linux kernel is one of the largest and most successful open source projects today. A report from the Linux Foundation addressing Who Writes Linux (2013) shows that recent releases of the Linux kernel, that happen now at 70-days intervals, include over 10,000 patches, made by more than 1,100 developers, representing over 225 corporations.

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Live from SUSECon: Enterprise SUSE Grows Like Crazy, Announces Product Changes

When Attachmate bought Novell in 2010, they spun SUSE off into an independent business unit. Since then SUSE has been growing at a record rate, according to SUSE's President and General Manager, Nils Brauckmann. As a whole, SUSE has grown 22 percent over last year, and the most growth has been in North America, with an increase of 37 percent. SUSE now has over 19,000 customers in 45 countries.

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NVIDIA Tegra 4 Support Gets Mainlined In Linux 3.13

Linux kernel support for NVIDIA's Tegra 4 ARM platform have been around for nearly one year but only with the Linux 3.13 kernel is this latest-generation high-performance ARM Cortex-A15 based solution going to be supported by the mainline Linux kernel...

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Counter-Strike: Source Linux GPU Benchmarks

Last week I provided some new NVIDIA GeForce Team Fortress 2 benchmarks for Valve's popular Team Fortress 2 game and those Linux benchmark results were followed by 9-Way AMD Radeon Linux results for this Source Engine game. Now for starting off a new week is just not new benchmark results...

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