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Xorg State Tracker Gets Stripped From Mesa

Just ahead of the Mesa 10.0 code branching, the Gallium3D Xorg state tracker has been eliminated...

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Canonical Sends Takedown Notice to EFF Staffer Who Criticizes Privacy of Ubuntu

Canonical has sent Micah. F.Lee, a staff technologist at EFF, a take-down notice for a website he started to educate people about fixing the privacy invasive feature Canonical has built in Ubuntu.

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Firefox Gets Mobile Foothold from Android Preinstallation Deals

Second-tier phones and tablets from Gigabyte and Kobo will have the mobile browser built in, a move that could help Mozilla's ambition to have more mobile influence. [Read more]    ...

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10 Years of Fedora According to the FPLs (Fedora Magazine)

Fedora Magazine looks at ten years of Fedora history by talking with former project leaders. "In the early days, Fedora was not as you see it today. The community didn’t have the ability to contribute directly to Fedora as they do today – hence the 'Core' naming. The community worked...

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Fedora 21 Aims For Great OpenCL Support

If the next few months weren't already proving to be exciting enough for Linux fans with the many Linux 3.13 kernel features to come, continued open-source GPU driver improvements, more Linux improvements as a result of Valve's Linux gaming push, and Wayland beginning to take shape (on non-Ubuntu distributions), there's...

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Kernel 3.12 Released – Install and Compile in Debian Linux

One of the biggest draws to using Linux is its easy customization and one of the most fun things to customize is the Kernel itself, the heart of the Linux Operating System. Chances are that you will most likely never have to compile your own kernel. The one that ships...

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