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CentOS 7 To Be Released Shortly, Project Lead Says

The "official" Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone CentOS is releasing its next major version today.

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Linux Lands on NSA Watch List

Visiting a popular Linux Website could make an individual a target of government scrutiny.

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Stable Kernel Updates

Greg KH has released stable kernels 3.15.4, 3.14.11, 3.10.47, and 3.4.97. All of them contain important fixes throughout the tree.

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The Linux Kernel Might Use FreeBSD's Capsicum Security Framework

A Linux kernel developer is working on porting FreeBSD's CAPSICUM security framework over to the Linux kernel...

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Using Udev Without Systemd Is Going To Become Harder

Since the udev code-base was merged with systemd, it's become more difficult to use udev without systemd, but it's only going to become incredibly difficult to handle once KDBUS has been merged into the mainline Linux kernel...

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ScreenFetch – An Ultimate System Information Generator for Linux

We mostly rely on integrated tools in Linux to get the system information in GUI, with little or no change with the change in Desktop Environment. A classic look of GUI System information tool on my Debian Jessie. When it comes to Command Line Interface, we have commands which shows...

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