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GNU Nettle 3.0 Cryptographics Library Released

The developers behind the Nettle project are out with a new major update to their dual-licensed GPLv2 and LGPLv3+ cryptographics library...

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LLVM Clang Moves A Bit Closer To Compiling The Linux 3.16 Kernel

The latest Linux 3.16 kernel pull request worth covering on Phoronix are the latest LLVMLinux patches for being able to compile the kernel with Clang rather than GCC...

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Development Release: FreeBSD 9.3-BETA2

Less than a week after the release of the initial beta, Glen Barber announced the availability of the second beta build of FreeBSD 9.3, the upcoming new version of the project's legacy branch.

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The Best Linux Distribution for New Users

To be included in the short list of best distros for Linux newbies, a distribution must be incredibly user-friendly; include, out of the box, all common apps; include some form of an app store; and offer a modern user interface.

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Patch Ready for Newly-Discovered Linux Kernel Flaw

The security team behind the Debian distro are urging users to upgrade their Linux packages after patching a newly-found flaw in the Linux kernel.

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Tracking your Time and Tasks on Fedora

These tools are only supposed to aid you in your work. There isn’t any substitute for hard work itself.

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