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Business Apps Are Becoming Integrated with Google Drive

Recently, Google introduced its Google Drive cloud storage service, and with it you can sign up for 5GB of free cloud storage, and use it efficiently with your Android device. We've also made the point that Google Drive will provide a form of rescue for Google's Chrome OS, which has been criticized by some for its cloud-centric focus and inflexibility with standard kinds of storage. By filling the storage gap in Chrome OS, Google can appeal to enterprise users with incentives for free Google Drive storage in the cloud in combination with Chrome OS. And now, it's clear from the ecosystem that is taking shape around Google Drive that that is a point of focus for Google. Already, partnerships focused on business users are cropping up around Google Drive. For example, RightSignature, which offers ways to get documents completed and signed online, has announced an integration with Google Drive. The integration with RightSignature means users can send documents stored in Google Drive for an e-signature with a few clicks. When the online signature is completed, signed documents are automatically saved in Google Drive. This is clearly aimed at business users. Think of how a real estate agent might use the service. Syncdocs is another service that...

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New Obstacle for Open Source on Windows 8

Microsoft has announced that, in future, the free of charge version of Visual Studio will only be able to create Metro-style applications. This significantly increases the barrier to entry for open source and freeware developers on Windows...

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Linux Gamers Are Going Crazy for this New Game

There's another Kickstarter-backed game that may be coming to Linux and it's causing Linux gamers to become extremely excited. In the past day I've received no less than 30~40 emails from readers talking about this possible Linux port of Carmageddon: Reincarnation...

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SSL Fix Flags Forged Certificates Before They're Accepted by Browsers

Researchers have proposed an extension to the Internet's foundation of trust that's designed to root out fraudulent secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates before attackers can use them to impersonate online banks and other sensitive websites.

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GCC Explorer - An Interactive Take on Compilation

Matt Godbolt announces GCC explorer, a web-based tool for exploring how code tweaks change the machine code emitted by the compiler. "Particularly with some of the newer features of C++11 — lambdas, move constructors, threading primitives etc — it’s nice to be able to see how your elegant code becomes...

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Pyroom Text Editor Does Minimalism the Right Way

Whether you are writing code or creating editorial content, a noisy computing environment often can silence your productivity. The Pyroom Text Editor gives you a quiet environment where computing noise cannot distract you from your creativity. Computing noise -- that is, computing distractions from the task at hand -- comes...

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