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Pear Departure, Bodhi Fundraiser, and Mageia 4 RC

The headlines to capture my attention today include the end of the Pear OS project. Bodhi Linux is raffling off a Chromebook with Bodhi Linux installed. The Mageia 4 Release Candidate was released. Let's look at these and a few other developments around The Penguin today. 

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Systemd's Networkd Now Supports Bonding

Systemd's networkd system service for networking now has basic support for bonding...

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Nftables Steals the Show in Linux 3.13

 A few key features stand out as particularly notable in this new Linux release. Here's a quick run-down.

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Git 1.9 Coming Soon & Brings Various Changes

The first pre release candidate to Git 1.9 is now available. This next major update to the Git revision control system brings various changes...

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KDE Developer Works On Mesa OpenGL 4.4 Feature

Mesa contributor and KDE developer Fredrik Höglund has been working on support within Mesa for GL_ARB_multi_bind. This OpenGL 4.4 extension is implemented across eighteen patches and Fredrik hopes to land the support next week...

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SteamOS Beta Update Lets You Dual-Boot Your Steam Machine

We're still some ways off from Steam Machines getting into the hands of consumers, but if you're one of the brave few to get in on the SteamOS beta, the latest update gives the operating system a bit more flexibility. With the update, the OS now allows for "dual-boot and custom partitioning,"...

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