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Shortlist of Open Source Software Used at NASA Lab

The offer was too good to be true. Three whole weeks at the NASA Glenn Research Center and an invitation to come back. I could scarcely believe it when I read the email. I immediately forwarded it to my parents with an addition of around 200 exclamation points. They were...

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Is Distrohopping in Linux Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Steven Rosenberg has taken a stand against distrohopping and explains why he doesn't do it.

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Getting Good Vibrations with Linux

Vibrations and wave motions describe many different physical systems. In fact, most systems that dissipate energy do so through waves of one form or another. In this article, I take a look at gvb (Good ViBrations,, a Linux application you can use to visualize and model wave motion and...

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SteamOS Update 133 Has Better Intel Performance, VA-API

Valve released this morning the 133 update to the SteamOS Alchemist Beta. With this update comes new packages and other updates...

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Kernel Prepatch 3.17-rc2

Linus has released 3.17-rc2 a little later than might have been expected. "So I deviated from my normal Sunday schedule partly because there wasn't much there (I blame the KS and LinuxCon), but partly due to sentimental reasons: Aug 25 is the anniversary of the original Linux announcement ('Hello everybody...

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Linux Turns 23 and Linus Torvalds Celebrates as Only He Can

Linus Torvalds released issued Linux 3.17 rc-2 on Monday.…...

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