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How GNOME 3.14 is Winning Back Disillusioned Linux Users

After arguably losing its way around GNOME 3.0, GNOME is back with a vengeance.

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Hamburg Could Be the Next Major City After Munich to Ditch Windows and Microsoft Products

After Munich, which already made the move to Linux, Hamburg could be the next big city in Germany to do the same thing.

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Debian Installer Preps For 8.0 Jessie With Beta 2 Release

Debian's installer is up to its second beta for the 8.0 Jessie release cycle...

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Linux Kernel 3.17 is Released With Some Nifty New Features

Linux 3.17 has finally been released after getting a surprise seventh release candidate release last week. 

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Indian Developers Redesigning Linux Kernel With OOP, C++ Support

Meet BOSSMOOL, an effort to redesign the Linux kernel by adding object oriented abstractions, introducing a device driver framework with C++ driver support, and other changes...

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Elementary OS 'Freya' Is Worth the Wait

Elementary OS is a new style Linux distro that wraps its own sophisticated desktop design around a solid Ubuntu core. This distro first appeared in 2011. Its developers released the second major version, Elementary OS Luna, last year. The latest weeks-old beta release of what will be the third major...

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