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Inspired by Lego, Fuelled by Creativity: Linux-Based Kano Kit Wants to Get Kids Hacking Again

With the Raspberry Pi and its modular programming language at its heart, Kano is hoping to inspire kids to get involved with programming.

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Fedora 21 Has Avoided A Delay For Now

Last week it looked like Fedora 21 might be delayed to allow more time for some ongoing work within the Fedora Server Working Group. Fortunately, a delay has been avoided for now...

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Linux 3.16 Won't Land On Ubuntu 14.10 Quite Yet

The stable Linux 3.15 is now available from the Ubuntu 14.10 development archive while the Linux 3.16 kernel isn't landing quite yet in its early development form...

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LibreOffice Bug Hunting Event

The Document Foundation (TDF) has announced a LibreOffice 4.3 bug hunting session on June 20-22. 

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How to Optimize Your Chromebook for Use Offline

While Google has steadily touted Chrome OS as a cloud-centric operating system, the platform's ability to work with offline apps is steadily growing, and that is making Chromebooks much more flexible systems than they were before. 

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KaOS Linux: Hands-on With This Solid and Focused Distribution

This is a very focused KDE-centric distribution - here's what I found out from testing it.

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