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Intel Thunderbolt Is Still A Pain For Linux Developers, Users

While Thunderbolt was promising from a technology perspective, it hasn't seen too much adoption outside of Apple systems and the Linux support is still plaguing developers and causing nightmares among Linux users...

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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.4 Beta: On-Ramp to Cloud Computing

Red Hat begins beta test of RHEV 3.4, an enhanced KVM virtual machine designed to continue simplifying and automating enterprise virtualization tasks while providing an on-ramp and a seamless integration with OpenStack.

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Hands-on with Makulu Linux 5 Xfce: The Most Fun You Can Have With Linux?

My first look at this wonderful Debian Testing/Unstable (Jessie/Sid) derivative reminds me of how much fun there can be in Linux.

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Linux Kernel Panel: What's What With Linux Today

Some of Linux's best and brightest kernel developers talk about the state of Linux development today.

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GNOME 3.12 Puts The X.Org Log In The Systemd Journal

A useful tip shared by X.Org input expert Peter Hutterer is that with today's GNOME 3.12 release the GNOME Display Manager is no longer writing X.Org Server logs to the file but is being stored within systemd's journal...

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Linux Storage, Filesystem, and Memory Management Summit coverage

Somewhat more than half of LWN's coverage of this year's LSFMM Summit is now available. Subscribers can have a look at a wide range of topics that were discussed on March 24 and 25 in Napa, California. More coverage will be added to the page as it becomes available.

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