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Sorry, But Bringing Back the Start Menu Won't Help Windows 8

There are plenty of legitimate concerns about the Windows 8 interface. But if you think the removal of the Start menu is the root cause of those problems, you're mistaken. See for yourself.

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Sharp: Linux Kernel Internships (OPW) Update

Sarah Sharp reports on the response to the availability of a set of Outreach Program for Women internships working on the Linux kernel. "As coordinator for the Linux kernel OPW project, I was really worried about whether applicants would be able to get patches into the kernel. Everyone knows that...

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New Maven Plugins for Simpler Architecture Management

NoPackageCyclesEnforcerRule automatically detects cyclical dependencies between classes from different packages; Macker helps define specific dependencies between packages and automatically verifies those rules...

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Siri Competitor Sherpa Goes After Google Glass

The CEO behind this natural language voice command app says it can operate Google Glass better than Google. [Read more]    ...

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Midnight Commander Will Whip Your Files Into Shape

Midnight Commander is one of those original computing tools that keeps getting better with age. It may be old school, but its file managing capabilities keep it at the head of its class. Midnight Commander (MC) is a text-mode file manager that runs in a terminal. It uses a two-panel...

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Skype for Linux 4.2 Brings Interface Improvements

Microsoft's Skype division has released a new version of its proprietary voice, video and text messaging client for Linux that includes user interface improvements and fixes a number of bugs including a crashing problem when using the call window...

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