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Linus Torvalds Calls For More Linux Kernel Patches

Linus Torvalds is usually complaining about too many pull requests during the Linux kernel development cycle when past its merge window, but this time around he's complaining about too few patches this week. He's also proclaimed himself the Goldilocks of kernel development...

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Wine 1.6 Released With 10,000+ Changes

After a slew of release candidates, Wine 1.6 was officially released today. The Wine 1.6 release comes just one year after the Wine 1.4 stable release but it packs in about 10,000 individual changes...

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JOE: Old-School Text Editor Teaches New Lessons

Joe's Own Editor is an endearing text editor that brings old-school charm to any Linux distro. Do not mistake being old-school for being outdated: JOE has been in use on the Linux desktop since 1988. It is a standard item in most distro repositories and is readily available in the...

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Standardized Media Streaming on Linux Devices with Open Source Cloud-dLeyna


In the world of multimedia devices, where the better those devices can share digital media, the better it is for the user. The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) offers a certification program toward that end, and just recently, digital media controller (DMC) application Cloud-dLeyna became the first open source stack to receive DLNA certification. 

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GitHub to Devs: Pick a License, We Dare You

Legalese confounds coders, so GitHub steps in to help When Microsoft announced back in January that its flagship development tools Visual Studio and Team Foundation Service would play nicely with Git, it was a sign that the tool and its online manifestation GitHub had become part of the programming furniture.…...

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The No-Excuses Guide to Introducing Yourself to a New Open Source Project

Getting started in an unfamiliar open source project seems intimidating because it is intimidating; plunging into the unknown usually is. Navigating new territory is a lot easier with a guide—which is why I recently taught a seminar at Hacker School on "getting started contributing to open source" that mostly amounted to "first, find a mentor."...

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