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Developer Break: Node.js, Apaches and Celery

Catch up on the smaller but important changes and updates to tools and specifications, utilities and libraries: this week, Node.js 0.8.2, Apache (Commons IO, Tomcat, HTTPComponents and Sling) Celery 3.0 and Wakanda 2.0...

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Open Recall: Fresh Apps for the Linux Desktop

Open Recall is a space on The H for those things that are too small to package as news but are worth the linkage. Open Recall collates the interesting stories that didn't quite make the cut. This edition is all about new apps for the Linux desktop...

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Atlassian JIRA 5.1 Lifts 200,000 Issue Limit

A soft limit of 200,000 issues has been lifted thanks to performance improvements in Atlassian's JIRA 5.1. The update also includes inline editing support and customer issue collection support...

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LibreOffice 3.5.5 Update Improves Stability

The new update to the 3.5.x branch of the open source office suite features improvements to Calc and Impress, and addresses a number of bugs that could have caused the application to crash...

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GCC 4.8 To Improve Diagnostics Abilities

In a battle against LLVM/Clang, GCC 4.8 will improve the code diagnostics support to better assist developers in debugging code errors/warnings in a user-friendly manner...

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Malware Sniffs for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux

Social engineering is used to install a backdoor onto systems with new malware that adds Linux to the list of systems it can compromise...

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