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Goodbye Google Reader, Linux Has Its Own RSS Aggregators

Google is killing the popular Google Reader. But who needs Google, because as always Linux offers multiple superior alternatives.

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Here's Why HTML-Based Apps Don't Work

So you want to build an app. You're thinking if you do it in HTML you can take your existing skills and port it to other platforms? You're in for a rough time...

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Left 4 Dead 2 Getting Closer To Release On Linux

While Left 4 Dead 2 was the first Valve game I saw natively running on Linux when meeting with Valve to talk about their Linux plans early last year, the Source Engine game still hasn't been publicly released. Fortunately, the public release is getting closer...

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Do Open Source Competitions Really Impact the Movement?

Sunglass, a platform for collaborating on 3D projects in real time, and DIYRockets, a global space company helping humanity establish a civilization in space by building an open space frontier, are partnering in an effort to build rocket engines. read more...

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'Most Game Designers Really Just Suck,' says RPG Legend Richard 'Lord British' Garriott

Richard Garriott, the space-faring developer who created the Ultima series and recently announced his return to games with the successful Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter project, has come out swinging with some harsh words for his peers. "I've met virtually no one in our industry who I think is close...

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The State Of The Tux3 File-System For Linux

Is the Tux3 file-system alive and well for Linux or will it face a fate like Reiser4 where it may never see a mainline state?..

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