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Reports Emerge About Samsung Notebooks Bricking Through UEFI Linux Boots

Ever since Microsoft's Windows 8 OS arrived, many Linux users have been asking which distribution they can download and install that will just work out of the box on their new certified Windows 8 machines. That's been a difficult question to answer, thanks to the whole UEFI Secure Boot BIOS implementation found in Windows 8 machines, which prompted last year's post "Will Windows 8 Lock Linux Out of PCs?"

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Schulz: The meaning of the 4.0

Charles H. Schulz Looks forward to the LibreOffice 4.0 release, currently planned for early February. "On a more abstract level, these changes also mark a more radical departure from the codebase, and it is now becoming quite difficult to just assume that because, Apache OpenOffice behave in one...

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ITU signs off on H.265 video standard

High Efficiency Video Coding said to need half the bit rate of H.264 The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has signed off on High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), a video compression standard expected to succeed the wildly popular H.264.…...

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Provision a New Linux Dev Environment in Nothing Flat with Puppet

With Puppet and Vagrant, you can automate creating a complete new development environment.

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The H Roundup - Microsoft study, Firefox 18.0.1 and Mega security

In the week ending 26 January - Mozilla releases an update to Firefox 18, Vert.x heads to the Eclipse Foundation, Wikipedia moves to new servers, a controversial study surfaces, features coming in Linux 3.8 and Mega's security analysed...

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A Philosophy To Suck Less

At times, I feel like I’m a bit on my own in my opinions of software. Most of it is too big, too bloated, and tries to do too many things while doing none of them well. I like to keep a minimalist approach to the servers I maintain, running only the software that I absolutely need, and nothing more. So, it feels like a breath of fresh air to find, “software that sucks less”.

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