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Perforce Unveils Collaboration and Code Review Tool Swarm

Programmers can use Swarm to hook into their colleagues' code and receive feedback on their own code. It can also be used to display and review sections of code side by side...

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Macs No More: After Edward Snowden, Time to Come to the Penguin

The personal computer is political. The time for liberation has kind of come. So what happens when you load up that new, quasi-user-friendly Linux flavor -- maybe Mint or Ubuntu -- onto some old machine you have lying around? At first, maybe, keep the Internet handy on your shiny Mac, because there might be glitches to look up. But chances are it'll mostly work out of the box, and the rest can be figured out over time. Everything's harder, but in a good way -- like a digital fixie. It's more fun if you do it with a friend.

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Apache Devs: 'We'll Ship No OpenOffice Before It's Time'

Even as the open source LibreOffice productivity suite readies its next major release, the competing Apache OpenOffice project says not to expect it to ship a new version until it's good and ready.…...

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Canonical Working On Mir's Performance, Mir On Mir

This past week Canonical developers made a little more progress on their Mir Display Server stack and the next-generation Unity desktop interface...

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Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses

In a world with sky-high divorce rates and inconsistent church attendance, it doesn't seem too big a stretch to say that fidelity is an increasingly rare virtue in the population at large. Can the same be said of the Linux-using masses? That, indeed, is just what the clever crew over...

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ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 brings Azure and Steam support

The latest release of ROSA Laboratory's Fresh distribution branch allows users to run the distribution of Microsoft's Hyper-V and gives them access to over a hundred games on Valve's game platform...

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