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An SDK Is Being Developed For Wayland's Weston

Kristian Høgsberg has shared that he's been working on some code that's ultimately a Software Development Kit (SDK) for dealing with Wayland's Weston compositor...

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NVIDIA's PRIME Helpers Are Ready For Linux 3.9

Aside from a lot of other exciting DRM driver happenings for the Linux 3.9 kernel, it looks like the DRM "PRIME Helpers" that were conceived by NVIDIA to help them support DMA_BUF in their binary driver will be merged...

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PC Gaming Comes to Ubuntu Linux With Steam Client Release

No longer a pipe-dream or a beta, the Steam gaming client is now available for Ubuntu. What was that about there not being any games for Linux?

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Google Now for Android Updated: Now it "Gets" Me

Google rolled out an update for search on Android that pushes Google Now into the future with smartphones that are true assistants.

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Chrome Stops Declaring Linux Systems Obsolete

Although Google Chrome will stop declaring Linux systems such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 obsolete, changes in how Google supports Chrome on Linux will have consequences for a number of Linux distributions.

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The State of Open Source Office Software in 2013

On the heels of President Obama's recent State of the Union address, Katherine Noyes presents a look at the current state of open source office software—particularly given that several of the key players just got big updates.

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