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Oracle Releases MySQL 5.6 To Improve NoSQL, Performance

While there's many in the open-source community that remain unhappy with Oracle, including the direction of the MySQL database server to the point that Fedora will now ship MariaDB instead, MySQL 5.6 was released this morning by the software giant.

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Android Malware Carries Windows Snooping App

"Superclean" and "DroidCleaner" offered to clean up your Android phone, but while doing a dreadful job of that, they also turned the phone into an infected USB stick ready to load audio snooping software onto Windows PCs.

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RAID 5/6 code merged into Btrfs

At long last, the code implementing RAID 5 and 6 has been merged into an experimental branch in the Btrfs repository; this is an important step toward its eventual arrival in the mainline kernel. The initial benchmark results look good, but there are a few issues yet to be ironed out.

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Big Hardware Heavyweights Are Welcoming Open Source Platforms

There are more signs emerging that some of the biggest global technology players in the hardware space are warming up to open source operating systems, even as they appear to cool toward Microsoft Windows. Recently, we've reported on Chromebooks running the Chrome OS platform, and how they have improved dramatically, and are now available at $200 price points that challenge the laptop status quo. 

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JavaScript Becoming Default Language for GNOME Apps

GNOME developer Travis Reitter is reporting on the decision by the GNOME developers to make JavaScript the standard language for GNOME application development...

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Just 12 More Years to Go: Enlightenment 18 Begins

E17, "the only software which has taken longer to develop than Duke Nukem Forever," was released little over a month ago, but today brought clues and news that the reign of E18 has begun.

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