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KDE 4.10 KWin To Properly Support AMD Catalyst

KWin, KDE's compositing window manager, will better play with the AMD Catalyst binary blob in the KDE 4.10 release by enabling direct rendering and the OpenGL 2.x back-end for those using the latest Catalyst driver...

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A Set of Stable Kernel Updates

The 3.0.42, 3.4.10, and 3.5.3 stable updates are out with the usual pile of important fixes. There are some reports of Intel graphics problems with 3.0.42 and 3.4.10, so users may want to proceed carefully with those.

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Unreal Engine 3 Now Sort Of Works On Linux

Without Wine, it's now possible to run Unreal Engine 3 on Linux...

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Compiz Now Supports OpenGL ES 2.0

The Compiz developers have added support for OpenGL ES 2.0 to the mainline code of the compositing window manager. OpenGL ES is used in embedded systems and these will now be able to run Compiz...

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Holly Is a Web-Based To-Do Manager for People Who Love the Command Line

If you're at home at the command prompt, love your text editor, and you eat key commands for breakfast, Holly is the to-do manager for you. Holly sports impressive features, and all of them are accessible via key commands you already know, no sign-up required. More »...

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Install Banshee 2.5 In Ubuntu

Banshee team announced the release of version 2.5 a few days ago. The new version now supports better integration with Last.FM, and online social network for music lovers. Music that you listen in Banshee automatically gets updated in your Last.FM profile.

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