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SSL Fix Flags Forged Certificates Before They're Accepted by Browsers

Researchers have proposed an extension to the Internet's foundation of trust that's designed to root out fraudulent secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates before attackers can use them to impersonate online banks and other sensitive websites.

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GCC Explorer - An Interactive Take on Compilation

Matt Godbolt announces GCC explorer, a web-based tool for exploring how code tweaks change the machine code emitted by the compiler. "Particularly with some of the newer features of C++11 — lambdas, move constructors, threading primitives etc — it’s nice to be able to see how your elegant code becomes...

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Pyroom Text Editor Does Minimalism the Right Way

Whether you are writing code or creating editorial content, a noisy computing environment often can silence your productivity. The Pyroom Text Editor gives you a quiet environment where computing noise cannot distract you from your creativity. Computing noise -- that is, computing distractions from the task at hand -- comes...

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Core JRuby Developers Move to Red Hat

Engine Yard has announced that JRuby core team members Thomas Enebo and Charles Nutter are leaving the company to join Red Hat in an apparently friendly deal between the two firms. The first preview version of JRuby 1.7.0 has also been released...

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LLVM 3.1 Compiler Infrastructure Released

After an unannounced delay, LLVM 3.1 and Clang 3.1 have been released, bringing a variety of improvements to the compiler infrastructure and C/C++/Objective C compiler...

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Lightspark update improves graphics capabilities

Version 0.5.7 of the open source Flash player implementation for Linux focuses on features used by Flash games by improving its graph­ics capa­bil­i­ties...

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