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Securing your Web server with SSL/TLS

This is the second part of an ongoing guide to building a home Web server. In part one, we stood up a Linux server or virtual machine and installed Nginx, the powerful event-driven open source Web server behind some of the biggest sites on the Internet today (not to mention Ars Technica!). In this section, we'll continue configuring the server by adding SSL/TLS encryption, enabling it to serve pages via HTTPS.If you've followed the...

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KDE 4.10 To Change Windows Grouping

The KDE project leader Aaron Seigo announe that the upcoming release of KDE will change how window grouping is handled in the task manager.

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Ekiga 4.0 Released

Version 4.0 of the Ekiga telephony application is out. It features a new user interface, some new codecs, auto-answer functionality, a number of improvements in SIP support, and more.

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Monty on Broken MySQL Promises: Oracle's Going to Fork It Up

Oracle will break the promises it made to European regulators on MySQL nearly three years ago, according to the open-source database's co-creator Monty Widenius. In fact, he says, it has already broken a few.…...

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Qt 5.0 on the Home Stretch

Qt 5.0 is likely to cross the finish line before the end of the year. The developers are currently working to split the Qt repository into three branches.

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FocusWriter Rich in Features, Poor in Some Important Ones

FocusWriter uses an intriguing concept that makes you wonder why other word-processing tools do not offer the same hide-away tools panels to eliminate distractions. It offers a set of writing tools with the ease and speed of unencumbered text editors. Focuswriter is a full-screen writing program. It has no option...

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