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KDE 4.10 Brings Better, Smarter Dolphin

With KDE 4.10 shaping up it's time to have a look at what's cooking in this file manager.

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Install Android MTP Support In KDE

A KDE developer, Àlex Fiestas, recently infromed me that he has added support for MTP devices to Dolphin. He used Philipp Schmidt’s MTP kioslave.

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Netflix Android App Updated with Tweaks to the Player UI, 4.2 Compatibility

Netflix just refreshed the front end of its Android app a few weeks ago, and is now tweaking the look and functions of the player itself again after previously making changes back in April. 

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Open Source Deals on Cyber Monday

We don't condone shopping when you should be working, but everybody needs a break, right? When you're out shopping for the online deals today, here are a few Cyber Monday specials we like: Read more... read more...

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jEdit 5.0 Delivers Keymapping, Localisation and Stability

The open source text editor for programmers hits version 5.0 and delivers improvements in key mapping, HTML/CSS modes and scrolling stability.

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More Camera Support and Geotagging in Darktable 1.1

The latest release of the open source photography workflow application also adds image grouping, similarity matching, Facebook exporting, a less intrusive UI and many more features.

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