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Will an open-Source Alternative to Facebook Actually Work?

NetworkWorld takes a look at the Appleseed Project. "After I wrote about the Diaspora project a few weeks ago, I was contacted by Michael Chisari of the Appleseed Project, which...

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Nokia and Opera Side with Adobe

Nokia and Opera said Thursday that they plan to support...

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KOffice 2.2 released

The KOffice 2.2 release is out. "This release should be much more stable and full-featured than 2.1. Version 2.2 has received many enhancements to the layout engine, the libraries and...

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Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.3 Announced

Alfresco has released version 3.3 of the Enterprise Edition of...

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8 of the Best Free Linux Video Editors

Video editing is the process of editing motion video footage. In the new age of personal video, video editing is becoming a central function of the desktop, with the popularity of video editing software ever increasing.

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FOSS Community Member Launches Documentation Project for Blind Linux User

During a recent interview technology blog The Stop, OSS community member Tony Baechler raised the issue of...

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