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Raising Linux to Grow Open Source

The open source business model has an inherent ability to bring software rivals together for mutual gain. This approach to developing and distributing software keeps expanding the usefulness and success of the Linux operating system as well. Linux has not yet come close to replacing Windows on the desktop, but...

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Linux 3.14 File-System HDD Benchmarks

Early Linux 3.14 kernel benchmarks indicated there might be some slowdowns in disk/file-system performance for this next major kernel release. That early testing was done from an Intel ultrabook with solid-state drive while we're now in the process of carrying out more focused testing of Linux 3.14 on both HDDs...

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Say Goodbye Free Time, Steam for Linux Content Rises 900%

Steam for Linux has been taking off at an incredible pace. 

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Wayland's Weston Adds Support For The Minimize Button

Wayland clients running on the Weston compositor now have support for the minimize button...

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It's about the User: Applying Usability in Open-Source Software

No matter how powerful the program, that functionality is lost if people have to figure out how to use the program in order to unlock its secrets. Typical users with average knowledge should be able to operate a general-purpose program. 

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Debian 9.0 Reportedly Codenamed Zurg

The next Debian release, 8.0, is codenamed Jessie, but succeeding that will be Debian 9.0 "Zurg" in a few years time...

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