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Google Open Sources Supersonic Query Engine

Aiming for top performance, Google's Supersonic column-oriented query engine is optimised for modern pipelined processors. Google suggests that it could be a building block in a column-oriented database.

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New Functionality for Nimble Linux Desktop, Razor-qt

Razor-qt version 0.5.0 has been released and includes new panel plugins and functions. The relatively young, lean desktop environment is based on Qt and is able to run on low-spec hardware.

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Signed Kernel Modules Support For Linux 3.7

One of the last merge requests that Linus Torvalds honored this past weekend prior to releasing Linux 3.7-rc1 as the modules pull, which added in module signing support for the Linux kernel.

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Reiser4 Benchmarked On Linux 3.5

While the Reiser4 file-system has been in development for the better part of the past decade, it still hasn't been merged into the mainline Linux kernel. Reiser4 is still out-of-tree, doesn't see much new development activity by its limited developers, and the file-system remains tarnished due to its founder, Hans Reiser,...

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NVIDIA's CUDA 5 Boasts Interesting New Features

NVIDIA released CUDA 5.0 on Monday morning and it boasts many new features for this popular GPGPU environment...

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KDE Plasma Active Three Boosts The Performance

KDE Plasma Active, the desktop environment's device-independent user-experience, is now up to its third release. KDE Plasma Active Three boosts the performance while also bringing new applications...

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