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Client Side Decoration Improvements Land In GTK+

Matthias Clasen landed a few client-side decoration improvements on Sunday night for the GTK tool-kit...

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Web Guru Tim Bray Bemoans the Life of a Mobile Developer

With a long resume of Web accomplishments — think co-editing the XML specification back in the days — Tim Bray now works as Developer Advocate at Gooogle. In a recent blog post, he looks at the current state of Web development, along with a long list of complaints.

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Terminator – A Terminal Emulator to Manage Multiple Terminal Windows on Linux

Terminator is a terminal emulator released under General Public License and is available for all known platforms Windows, Mac OS, GNU/Linux. The application program lets you use multiple splitted and resized terminals, all at once on a single screen. How it is Different Having multiple Gnome... [[ This is a...

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Open-Source RPG Projects Worth Mentioning

Earlier this week on Phoronix I noted the new release of the GNU RPG Engine. To no surprise given its very rudimentary feature-set for a game engine in 2014, it was laughed at by many Phoronix readers and several were appalled it is even a GNU project...

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Intel Starts On Mesa Compute Shaders Support

Paul Berry at Intel has published his mega set of 30 patches for Mesa that are very exciting as they work to start implementing compute shaders support inside Mesa...

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Calibre 1.19.0 Published for openSUSE

I’m pleased to announce a new 1.19.0 package of calibre for openSUSE. 

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