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When Should Open Source Be Written Into Law?

As a systems administrator, I tend to think about source code and computing platform in large numbers. Computers however are getting smaller and more powerful, and the reality of computers that we put in or on our body as a normal daily routine is coming closer, and for many is already here.

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How to Access a PostgreSQL Database from Any Language

If you’re a system administrator, chances are you use programs that interface with databases every day. One great advantage of open source software is that you can modify your applications’ code to customize it for your needs. If your application uses PostgreSQL on the back end, it’s not hard to access your database from a variety of languages.

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Simple Xymon Monitors Hosts, Services, and Network

This article, Simple Xymon Monitors Hosts, Services, and Network, originally appeared on Wazi, a free source for news, information, and articles on open source software. With Xymon, you can monitor the health of thousands of servers and applications, and the network connectivity among them.

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Computer Geeks King in Job Hunt

Some undergrads with coding skills get approached by 10 to 20 companies before they even graduate...

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GNU Ed Updated

The GNU project has updated its implementation of the ed Unix line editor, restoring one developer's copyright and fixing bugs in the process of creating version 1.6...

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Chrome 17 Enters Beta, Improves Speed and Security

The new beta pre-renders some pages to load sites faster and helps to protect users against malicious downloads. The Google Chrome Team has also updated the browser's Stable channel, version 16, to close three high risk security holes...

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