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GNU's RPG Game Engine Is Still Of Very Poor Quality

For those not interested by this week's Valve/SteamOS Linux gaming news due to being devout open-source game enthusiasts, the GNU Rpge engine is out with a new release. Sadly, progress on GNU Rpge isn't too much better than the rate of development for GNU Hurd...

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Ubuntu Developer Builds Pirate Bay Torrent Search Into Operating System

With support from Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, a third-party Ubuntu developer is building a torrent search project that may be enabled by default in future versions of the operating system. Torrent search would be added to Ubuntu's Dash, a central tool that lets users search files and applications on their desktop as well as online sources...

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KDE Frameworks 5: A Big Deal for Free Software

Today the KDE Community released a Tech Preview of Frameworks 5, including two mature modules which are usable now. Why is this relevant for Qt coders and Free Software in general?

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A Self-Destruct Option For Linux Disk Encryption

The security-minded Kali Linux distribution has proposed a feature of adding "emergency self-destruction of LUKS" to their cryptsetup package when doing full-disk encrypted Linux installations...

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LLVM 3.4 Released

Version 3.4 of the LLVM compiler suite is out. "This is a big new release with a lot of features. Clang now supports all of the features in the current working draft of the upcoming C++ standard, provisionally named C++1y. The static analyzer has greatly improved C++ support, produces fewer...

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Video Interview with GitHub Co-Founder Scott Chacon on a Future Beyond Code

GitHub has become the de facto repository for open source projects. So, we were excited for the opportunity to sit down with GitHub's co-founder and CIO Scott Chacon during the All Things Open Conference in Raleigh, NC. In this interview, Community Manager Jason Hibbets asks Scott about how he got started at...

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