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KDE's Plasma Media Center 1.0.0 Released

The first release of the Plasma Media Center has been announced. "KDE's Plasma Media Center (PMC) is aimed towards a unified media experience on PCs, Tablets, Netbooks, TVs and any other device that is capable of running KDE. PMC can be used to view images, play music or watch videos."...

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OX Text Offers Open Source Collaborative DOCX/ODT Editing

OX App Suite is to expand with OX Text, a collaborative document editor which works with DOCX and ODT documents natively on the web and intelligently avoids damaging complex document content it isn't able to edit...

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SDDM Display Manager Sees Its First Release

Mentioned a few times in recent months on Phoronix has been SDDM, a lightweight Qt/QML-based display manager. The good news now is that the Simple Desktop Display Manager has seen its first official release...

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Pharo 2.0 Shines Light on Hundreds of Improvements

Version 2.0 of Pharo brings improvements including the integration of the new Spotlight search system, a new user interface framework and the Nautilus method browser...

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Humble Bundle Gets Into Weekly Game Sales

The company behind the Humble Indie Bundle is now trying to promote weekly sales of DRM-free cross-platform games...

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Three Free Alternatives to Photoshop

As our devices deliver a glut of digital images — whether from our smartphones, tablet PCs or desktop units — the need to process, catalogue and edit all those photos becomes more pressing than ever. But not everyone wants or needs the high-grade image editing software that Adobe offers through its Photoshop application. So what does a regular Joe with an interest in image editing do if he doesn’t want to hand over bucks for a powerful image editor? 

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