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FatFractal Takes On Parse, Stackmob & Others With New Engine-Based App Platform

San Francisco-based FatFractal is today launching a competitor to backend-as-a-service (BaaS) providers like Stackmob, Parse, Kinvey, and Applicasa, and it’s not just following in the others’ footsteps – it has a completely different take on how using the cloud on the backend should work. It’s not that the team at FatFractal thinks that the “cloud as a service” model is the wrong idea, exactly. It’s just that the way it’s been implemented to date isn’t how they think it should work – that is, a “black box on the backend.” 

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'A Week with Windows 8' and Other Tales of Linuxy Virtue

"Windows 8 hasn't exactly got the best rep at the moment," wrote Ken Quirk, a committed Linux fan and Ubuntu user. "The general consensus amongst most IT professionals and users alike is that Windows 8 is a disaster waiting to happen. "A while back I wrote a review on Windows...

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Second Beta of GNOME 3.6 Arrives

The GNOME project has released the second and final beta of GNOME 3.6 which includes mainly bug fixes along with a new most visited pages view in Epiphany...

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Tinnes: Introducing Chrome's Next-Generation Linux Sandbox

Julien Tinnes describes the new sandbox mechanism for the Chrome browser under Linux. "In a similar, but very limited, fashion, this is what we have now in Chrome: we stacked the seccomp-bpf sandbox on top of the setuid sandbox. The setuid sandbox gives a few easy to understand semantic properties:...

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KDE's KWin To Receive Performance Improvements

Next month's KDE SC 4.9.2 release will be slightly faster with the KWin compositing window manager while more performance optimizations for KWin will land in KDE SC 4.10 come late January of 2013...

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Gnome 3 vs. Gnome 2 vs. Change

Exploring different desktops is a good thing. I’ve recently converted to GNOME 3 ("hallowed be its Name in all the earth, etc.") and I admit freely to enjoying it (a lot). I also have to admit that part of the reason I’m enjoying it is because it’s a change. Read...

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