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How to Self-Promote Your Open Source Project

Self-promotion in an open source world, it starts with a shameless plug—a simple way to make people aware of something you’re passionate about. Then, over time, you get more comfortable with using the shameless plug and that desire to make people aware transforms into purposeful marketing. At some time or...

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LibreOffice 4.0.1 Delivers Android Remote For All

The first maintenance release for LibreOffice 4 brings over 100 bug fixes and sees the Android remote control for Impress updated to work with LibreOffice on Windows and Mac OS X, as well as Linux...

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X.Org Server 1.14 "Keemun Mao Feng" Released

Version 1.14 of the widely-used X.Org Server was released on Wednesday morning. While this is a six-month update to the X.Org Server, this time around it isn't a hugely exciting update...

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Open Source's Deep Dive Into the Enterprise

Server provisioning and configuration management and automation are the latest examples of where the tech industry is being driven, largely by open source software. The leading open source server and IT infrastructure automation frameworks, Opscode Chef and Puppet Labs' Puppet, sit on the leading edge of significant trends under way...

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KDE 4.10.1 Corrects Over One Hundred Errors

The first of KDE 4.10's monthly updates to stabilise the Qt-based desktop environment fixes over one hundred errors in the software...

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FreeBSD Works On AMD KMS, BHyVe, Clang

The FreeBSD Q4'2012 status report has been issued to update its users and other stakeholders on the state of this BSD operating system...

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