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Is the PC Market Really Dead?

The world of technology moves so fast that it often breeds rumors of death that are greatly exaggerated. No sooner does a particular market pick up--like the ones for smartphones or tablets--than various pundits pronounce that previously dominant markets or dead.

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SimplyMepis Shaping Up - 11.0 RC 2 Released

SimplyMepis 11.0 RC 2 was released last week and the annoying thing about that project is that their release announcements say nothing about the release. So, if one wants to keep up they have to download each developmental release and test it.

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SwipePad Is a Quick Launcher for Your Favorite Android Apps

Android: SwipePad for Android is a simple way to get to your often used apps quickly no matter what your doing.

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Firefox Needs Heavy Hitter Linux Power

In the past 20 years Linux has moved from Linus Torvalds' personal hobby to an industry-dominating force, reshaping the server, embedded, and mobile markets. Linux's growth wasn't fueled on the fumes of peace, love, and late-night pizza orders. It has been driven by...

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OpenStack Announces Cactus Release

OpenStack today announced the availability of the Cactus releases of Compute and Object Storage.

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Google Exacylcle Program Offers Supercomputing Muscle to Academics

As Google's reach has extended about as far as any technology company's reach can, it has also become master of powerful compute cycles. Google operates data centers and tech infrastructure that now dwarf the available infrastructure at many top universities, government institutions, and other organizations.

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