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50 million Apache OpenOffice Downloads in a Year

The Apache Software Foundation has announced that, just a little more than a year after their first release of OpenOffice, the open source productivity suite has been downloaded 50 million times...

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The Last GNOME 3.8 Point Release Has Been Made

GNOME 3.8.2 was released this morning and it serves as the last bug-fix release in the GNOME 3.8 series. All work now is being focused on GNOME 3.10...

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Linux: The Gold Standard of Code

There are few things more gratifying to those of us here in the Linux blogosphere than seeing the many and varied virtues of our favorite operating system get officially recognized. It happens with increasing regularity these days, of course -- after all, there are so very many virtues to consider...

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A More Colorful LibreOffice Unveiled

In the first article in this series I pointed out some problems I and other LibreOffice users have with the standard LibreOffice color palette, and I talked about how colors are specified, both on computers in general and within LibreOffice .soc files. Let's now see how to generate a new set of colors. The process requires finding some base colors to start with and scripting some code to build darker and lighter variations of them. 

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Kubuntu, KDE Has Little Hope For Ubuntu's Mir

Martin Gräßlin, the maintainer of KDE's KWin window manager, has been vocal against Canonical's Mir Display Server from the beginning. He's now written another blog post on the matter in which he makes it rather clear there is little hope of seeing KDE running on the Ubuntu Wayland-competitor...

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Local Root Vulnerability in the Kernel

Commit b0a873ebb, merged for the 2.6.37 kernel, included an out of bounds reference bug that went undetected until Tommi Rantala discovered it with the Trinity fuzzing tool this April. It wasn't seen as a security bug by the kernel developers until an exploit was posted; the problem is now known...

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