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The New Solus: Putting the Pieces Together Again

The Solus Project is a rebranded and rereleased Linux distro trying to regain its former popularity. In a field of Linux distributions cluttered with look-alike offerings, Solus brings something simple and something new. Solus has impressive potential for being uncomplicated and different. Based in the UK, the Solus Project is...

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Researcher Lashes Out at Hacking Team Over Open-Source Code Discovery

When the researcher released his code as open-source, Android spyware development for governments was not its intended purpose.

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Why I created Open Source Protocol

I recently launched the Open Source Protocol (OS Protocol), a standard that can be used to link to where the code for a website is hosted. The protocol is fairly simple—all it involves is metatags, and most websites will only need two or three lines of code to be compliant.

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Robolinux 8.1 Cinnamon Runs Windows 10 Inside the OS

Robolinux is a Linux distribution based on Debian that features various flavors and that allows its users to run Windows apps via a virtual machine solution. Now the developer has released the first version in the 8.x branch, and it's powered by a Cinnamon desktop. This is the first edition...

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Git 2.5 Is On Approach With Many Changes

Junio Hamano announced the release on Tuesday for Git 2.5.0-rc3, which is made up of more than 500 commits since Git 2.4.0...

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Linux Kernel 4.1.3 LTS Is Now the Most Advanced Version Available

The latest version of the stable Linux kernel, 4.1.3, has been made available by Greg Kroah-Hartman, which means that this is now the most advanced version released. It's been a while since the 4.x branch was released, and now it's coming into its own. This particular branch has already received...

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