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MythTV: Turning Linux Into a Digital Video Recorder: The Server

Digital video capture cards and USB dongles can be had for less than $50 a piece. With such cheap hardware, turning a Linux server into a personal Digital Video Recorder (DVR) becomes very tempting. Of course, you don't just want to watch live TV but also pause it, setup automatic captures of those science programs that air at 3 am, or record the live network coverage of events you are planning to attend in person, so you can watch them at a more agreeable hour.

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Mozilla Labs Opens Umbrella with Raindrop Prototype

Mozilla Labs has released a prototype conversation aggregator and Web 2.0-style communications platform for Firefox, Safari and Chrome users...
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Google Gearing Up to Leverage Chrome

The Chrome browser now has 30 million 'active' users, according to Google.
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FatELF to Bring Universal Binaries to Linux

FatELF hopes to bring the ease of use of Mac OS X Universal Binaries to Linux and other free operating systems...
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A Few Of Fedora 12's Coming Features

Fedora 12's public beta is now out -- what timing, right? -- and while a cursory glance at the feature list as a whole doesn't sport anything revolutionary, there's more than a few goodies worth singling out.
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Ars Takes a First Look Under the Hood of Fedora 12

The community behind the Fedora Linux distribution has announced the availability of the Fedora 12 beta. Fedora 12, which is codenamed Constantine, is scheduled for official release in November.
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