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CGit Maintainer Disappears, Security Hole Found

The maintainer behind the open-source CGit project, the popular web front-end to viewing Git repositories, disappeared some months ago. Since then a new maintainer has taken over work on this widely-used software while also discovering a nasty security hole that allows arbitrary command execution.

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Nvidia's Ginormous Gift to Linux Gamers

What a difference a year makes. It used to be that gaming was Linux's "Achilles' heel" of sorts, cited by more than a few enthusiasts as justification for their reluctance to switch away from Windows. Fast forward to today, and gaming may well be the focus of more Linux-centered excitement...

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Magisto Opens Up Its API, Letting Third-Party Developers Build Automatic Video Editing Into Their Apps

First, Magisto launched a cloud-based video-editing platform for the web, which allowed users to upload their content and have it automatically stitched together into wonderful, watchable videos. Then it brought that capability to iOS and Android devices, which helped users make viewable content out of usually crappy mobile videos. But to use the Magisto platform, you had to download the Magisto app or go to the Magisto site. At least, until now. Magisto is opening up its API, which will allow third-party developers to be able to take advantage of its cloud-based video editing service in their own applications. 

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Gnumeric Crunches Numbers Like a Pro

Gnumeric is a lightweight spreadsheet program that is fast and feature complete. Much like its chief open source competitors OpenOffice and LibreOffice, its graphical user interface is nothing fancy. What it lacks in colorful design or exciting visual menu displays, however, it surpasses with its format flexibility and easy operation.

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Search Google Play From Unity

Developers Rotating Canvas have developed a lens that allows you to search the Google Play Store right from the Unity desktop. Like other lenses, you just need to hit click on dash or tap the windows key and navigate to the lens t start searching. The lens shows three results...

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Qt 5.0 Beta 2 Now Available

During this year's European Qt Developer Days event in Berlin, the Qt developers released a second beta for version 5.0 of Qt, bundling Qt Creator 2.6 and finalising the list of modules and packages for Qt 5.0...

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