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Snapshotting Backup Tool Obnam 1.0 Released

After many years of development, Obnam, "a snapshotting, de-duplicating, encrypting backup program", has been released as a version 1.0 by its developer...

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Significant Improvements Coming in Linux 3.5

The next version of the Linux kernel, expected to be released in late July, includes uprobes and improvements to HDMI audio support in the Radeon driver among several other new graphics drivers; RAID 5 support for Btrfs is not included...

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Critical Vulnerability Derails Ruby on Rails

The H reports on a newly-discovered SQL injection vulnerability in Ruby on Rails, affecting the 3.0.x, 3.1.x, and 3.2.x versions. "The vulnerability exists in versions 3.0 and later of Active Record, Rail's database layer, and is exposed when using nested query parameters. Code that directly passes parameters to a where...

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Fedora 18 to Support UEFI Secure Boot

Microsoft will sign a shim bootloader which will allow Fedora to boot on Windows 8/UEFI Secure Boot systems. The rest of Fedora will be signed with Fedora's own keys, including the kernel and kernel modules...

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Bodhi Linux 2.0 Alpha Arrives for Testing

The first pre-release build of version 2.0 of Bodhi Linux, a minimalistic Enlightenment-desktop-based distribution, is now available for testing...

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Open API lessons for LinkedIn and Facebook

Code to play, not pay to play Open... and Shut  One of the cardinal rules of open source is reciprocity: you can use my open-source code under the same terms that it was given to me. But as open source shifts to open APIs, "open" is increasingly a one-way street.…...

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