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GitLab 4.1 adds sign-up pages and public repositories

The latest release of the open source, self-hosted source code repository management software adds an optional sign-up page to create new users and also introduces public projects...

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Calling All Hackers: Pwn2Own 2013 Is Offering Big Money for the Best Hacks

Slowly but steadily, the Pwn2Own hacker contest has become an important fixture in the world of testing the security of software applications, operating systems and hardware devices. The computer hacking contest is held annually and gets sponsored by titan-sized technology companies. Last year, we reported on how a group of French hackers won cash prizes in the competition for uncovering big bugs in the Google Chrome browser...

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How To Upgrade From Fedora 17 To Fedora 18 With FedUp (Desktop & Server)

How To Upgrade From Fedora 17 To Fedora 18 With FedUp (Desktop & Server) This article describes how you can upgrade your Fedora 17 system to Fedora 18 with the help of the Fedora Updater (FedUp). The upgrade procedure works for both desktop and server installations.

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Debian Wheezy Local Git Server With Git Lite Workflow

Debian Wheezy Local Git Server With Git Lite Workflow This howto describes a shared local git [1] server setup for a small team. This is a repository layout that is familiar to anyone used to working with a traditional version control system. One of the tutorial objectives is to show...

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Hardware Hacks: Raspberry Pi arcade, Radio-4-Matic, PirateBox

In this edition of The H's Hardware Hacks, GitHub's make-me 3D printing server, the Radio-4-Matic, how to build a mini arcade with a Raspberry Pi, and the PirateBox...

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LibreOffice 4 call hails new branding artwork

The members of the Document Foundation, the organisation behind LibreOffice called to the larger open source community to submit artwork to be used as the new branding with the release of LibreOffice 4, which is due early in February 2013.

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