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Install Latest VirtualBox 4.1.22 In Ubuntu

VirtualBox is an open source x86 and AMD64 visualization software from Oracle, suitable for Home and Enterprise users. This guide tells how to install the latest release of VirtualBox in Ubuntu...

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GNU Patch Version 2.7 Released

Version 2.7 of the GNU patch utility — the first release in almost three years — is out. It offers various improvements to the accepted patch format including nearly full support for the "diff --git" format, a number of security-related fixes, nanosecond-precision timestamp support, and more.

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New MonoDevelop, Mono for Android, MonoTouch Versions Released

Xamarin has released new versions of its commercial mobile application development tools Mono for Android (version 4.2.5) and MonoTouch (version 5.4), and of open source IDE MonoDevelop (version 3.0.4)...

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Linux-based Qubes OS Sandboxes VMs for Added Security

Poland's Invisible Things Lab has launched its Linux-based desktop OS that uses sandboxed security.

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PostgreSQL 9.2 Released

The PostgreSQL 9.2 release is available. "Since the beta release was announced in May, developers and vendors have praised it as a leap forward in performance, scalability and flexibility. Users are expected to switch to this version in record numbers." LWN ran a detailed look at this release in May.

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FatFractal Takes On Parse, Stackmob & Others With New Engine-Based App Platform

San Francisco-based FatFractal is today launching a competitor to backend-as-a-service (BaaS) providers like Stackmob, Parse, Kinvey, and Applicasa, and it’s not just following in the others’ footsteps – it has a completely different take on how using the cloud on the backend should work. It’s not that the team at FatFractal thinks that the “cloud as a service” model is the wrong idea, exactly. It’s just that the way it’s been implemented to date isn’t how they think it should work – that is, a “black box on the backend.” 

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