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Microsoft Open Sources Reactive Extensions

Microsoft's framework and libraries for managing asynchronous data streams more effectively has been released as open source under an Apache licence. Microsoft is hoping that other open source communities will adopt the model.

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Qt Creator 2.6 Development Environment Released

Digia has announced the official release of Qt Creator 2.6.0...

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It's Time To Test Out GNOME 3.6

Fedora is running a GNOME test-day today to help sort out any remaining GNOME 3.6 desktop issues and they have kindly requested your help.

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Pixman 0.28 Packs In Major Features

The Pixman rendering library is out with a major new release that presents several interesting new features...

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The Case for Digital Literacy and Open Source in Classrooms

Municipalities across America should be working to bring open source educational tools to schoolchildren so they will have the necessary digital literacy skills to tap into their creativity and imagination, or even to provide them with valuable future life and workforce skills. And the case of the Feoffees of the Grammar School in Ipswich, Massachusetts—the...

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XWayland Gets Updated

Daniel Stone has updated the XWayland patches for supporting X.Org/X11 applications on Wayland.

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