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Helios: Eclipse 3.6 Milestone 1 released

The first milestone for Eclipse version 3.6 has been released. Eclipse 3.6 will be the first part of the next release train, Helios...
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The Linux Desktop's Next Challenge: Layer 8

Computerworld’s Preston Gralla blogged the other day that Microsoft, in a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, admitted that Microsoft is afraid of Linux.
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Industry Heavy-Hitters Swing into Linux Word Processing

As word processors for Linux keep picking up in popularity, household names in the computer industry are getting into the act. Like Sun Microsystems, Novell and IBM Lotus are both offering word processors based on's open source Writer application, but none of these offerings is exactly alike.
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Kernel Log - Coming in 2.6.31 - Part 2: Graphics, Audio and Video

Linux 2.6.31 will offer Kernel-Based Mode-Setting for Radeon graphics chips. The developers have included new drivers for X-Fi sound cards and for Intel's "Next-Generation Graphics Device". Improvements also affect the drivers for webcams and TV hardware...
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The Open-Source Imperative for System Integrators

Open source has been a big winner in the recession, given its ability to drive down costs.
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How are Open Source Software Projects Surviving the Recession?

The challenging U.S. economic recession has hit just about every segment of our economy--so how's it been affecting open source software development projects and their contributors?
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