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Linus Torvalds Dismisses Charges That Android Commits Linux-related Violations

Even as Google's open source Android mobile OS has marched to success in a very short period of time, it has also come under legal fire from both Oracle and Microsoft. In another recent salvo fired at Android, intellectual property pundit Edward J. Naughton and Raymond Nimmer, a copyright law professor, have raised concerns over how Android handles certain parts of Linux code.

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Firefox 4 Downloads Are Already Eclipsing Internet Explorer 9's

Yesterday, Mozilla delivered the much awaited version 4 of its Firefox browser, after numerous delays. If you've taken to using other browsers or have otherwise come to doubt the momentum and influence that Firefox still has, it's worth considering some of the numbers and statistics that are coming out regarding enthusiasm for Firefox's new version. Mozilla itself is supplying some eye-popping numbers. According to the live counter on Mozilla's Firefox 4 download site, in the first 24 hours of the browser's availability there have been nearly 7 million downloads. To put that in perspective, PC Mag reported on the number...

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Hands on with Firefox 4 for Android (RC)

Firefox for Android is almost here! CNET sat down with the Mozilla team for an up-close-and-personal look at the mobile browser.

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Non-Oracle MySQL Fork Deemed Ready for Prime Time

Drizzle debuts its first general availability (GA) release.

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FireSSH is a Browser Based SSH Client Written Entirely In Javascript

The creator of FireFTP, Mime Čuvalo, is working on a new Firefox plugin named FireSSH - an SSH client written entirely in Javascript that works right in your browser window.

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Use ScraperWiki to Help Turn Web Pages Into Usable Data [Programming]

A scraper is a program written to take content off of a webpage or other data source and turn it into some kind of usable format, usually an RSS feed or by entering it directly into a database.

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