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Eclipse 4.0 SDK Released for Early Adopters

The official release of Eclipse 4.0 SDK, which reworks the underlying platform of the IDE, is now available for early adopters. Production users will have to wait for tools to be updated to feel the benefit...

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GNOME 3.0 Slips to 2011

During GUADEC 2010, the GNOME Release Team met and decided to hold the GNOME 3.0 release for the March 2011 release instead of September 2010. Even though it means an additional six months to GNOME 3.0 is officially released, it could be a good thing.

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.NET for Android Prepares to Get Probed

.NET for Android - dubbed MonoDroid - has come a step closer.…...

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The Key To An Open Source Social Network Is Still People

At last week's OSCON conference, the big topic on the minds of open sourcers was whether or not an open source social networking offering can break down the walled gardens of popular services such as Facebook, and win...

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Nokia Goes After Opera Mini

Nokia has unveiled a knock-off of Opera's Mini phone browser, intended for use on its low-end handsets in emerging markets. It's the first manifestation of Nokia's own ad engine.…...

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Living the Linux Lifestyle

Why do some people choose to run Linux as their PC platform of choice while others opt instead for other ways of running their computing experiences?

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