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Report: GNOME 2.30, the End of the Road

With the delay of GNOME 3.0, the GNOME 2.30 release extends the lifespan of a series stretching back almost a decade.
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Open Source Mail Filter Framework Spmfilter Released

The Munich based SpaceNet AG has published spmfilter, an open source programming framework for content and spam filtering modules which can be used alongside existing mail servers...
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Report: 8 Advanced Add-ons

OpenOffice is the best cross-platform office productivity suite, but it misses a few popular features like a clipart gallery, Google Docs integration, PDF import, and more than basic templates. But they're out there if you know where to look, and Eric Geier shows the way.
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Songbird Linux Support Falls Out Of A Tree

Songbird, the open-source multimedia player that's built upon GStreamer and Mozilla Firefox's XULRunner, is no longer chirping a Linux-friendly tune. We have covered Songbird a few times at Phoronix since its initial release back in 2006, but now four years later they will stop officially maintaini...
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Mozilla Rushes Out Fix for Hack on Firefox

A new update comes on the heels of yet another Pwn2own exploit, along with a promise of patches for older Firefox versions, as well.
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Groundwork Adds Ubuntu Appliance to Lineup

Looking to ride the growing wave of interest in the Ubuntu version of Linux distributed by Canonical, Groundwork Open Source today released a version of its network and application monitoring tool running on an appliance powered by Ubuntu.

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