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Four Indie Games to Go Open Source

Following the success of the recent Humble Indie Bundle, four of the five indie games developers have announced that they will be open sourcing their games and one has already done so...
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X.Org Server 1.8.1 Released To The Wild

X Server 1.8 was released in early April, but the first point release to this major X.Org update has now been pushed out by Peter Hutterer...
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Firefox 4 Aims to Be Fast, Powerful and Empowering

Firefox Product Director Mike Beltzner gave a presentation yesterday about Mozilla's vision for Firefox 4, the next major revision of the open-source browser... 
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Report: KDE vs. GNOME: Who Does DVD Burning and Ripping Better?

When it comes to DVD ripping and burning, Linux users must choose between GNOME simplicity and KDE completeness. Bruce Byfield wonders if either choice is completely satisfying.
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News In The Linux Audio World

Dave Phillips has a brief report "about a new Linux audio blog, music made by particle acceleration, how to use a laptop as a virtual music stand, synth emulation from the terminal command prompt, and...
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Sun Open Source Reborn in ForgeRock

Many questions remain about what Oracle will do with Sun's open-source programs, but at least one program, OpenSSO, will live on in a new company: ForgeRock. read more...
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