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Alternatives of 13 Most Commonly Used Windows Applications for Linux

People hesitate switching from windows to Linux because they fear they won’t get an appropriate program to perform their day-to-day task. Moreover a general notion more or less that lies within us is – “A Paid service or a paid project would be more reliable as compared to a project...

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Civic Coding Strengthens Open Source Skills

I’ve been thinking a bit too much lately about GitHub and More broadly, I’ve had my mind on open source + community. Sometimes this is called social coding. Social coding can take on a variety of shapes and sizes but is short-hand for what I can describe as loosely...

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One Small Step for NASA, One Giant Leap for Open Source

"Space: The final frontier." These may be the opening words of the Star Trek series so loved by geeks far and wide, but lately, they've been on the tip of more Linux bloggers' tongues than ever. Why? Because Linux recently scored a major victory some 230 miles up in the...

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CMUS (C* Music Player) – A Console Based Audio Player for Linux

CMus is an open source ncursed based lightweight, fast and powerful terminal audio player for Unix/Linux like operating systems. It was released and distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL) and runs exclusively through a terminal based user interface. CMus was designed to run on a... [[ This is a...

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Migrating to Open Source Needs a Plan

Perhaps you’ve considered migrating your company to an open source desktop productivity suite? There are a host of good reasons for such a move. The most obvious one that comes to mind is to save on license fees, but don’t be fooled. For the migration process to be a success...

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CGit Update Adds Exciting Features, Security Fix

CGit, the widely-used replacement to GitWeb, has out a new release today. Besides incorporating some useful new functionality, it also takes care of a security fix where out-of-date CGit installations could allow arbitrary access to files from the system...

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