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Report: The Upcoming Linux Boom: 20 Reasons Why

In this article, Matt Hartley shares twenty reasons why he believes we will see Linux booming in a post-recession world.

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Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo Arrives

Many mobile users will want to try out the new Firefox 4 beta from Mozilla for Android and Maemo.

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As Goes Chrome OS, So Goes Google's Chrome Browser

If you happen to think, as I do, that Google Chrome is emerging as the very best browser available, it's worth noting a point that we've made many times on OStatic: Chrome's evolution will have everything to do with the ongoing development of Google's upcoming Chrome OS.

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Flaw in libc Implementation Threatens FTP Servers

A flaw in the code for processing certain character strings can be exploited to launch DoS attacks on various vendors' FTP servers. Reportedly, the systems of Adobe and HP are among those affected...

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Ars Examines Chrome and Firefox Bookmark Sync Protocols

In a recent announcement, Xmarks revealed that it can no longer afford to continue operating its popular cross-browser bookmark synchronization service.

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KDE Software Compilation 4.5.2 Is Here

It's that time of the month for another update to the KDE Software Compilation. The October point release to KDE SC 4.5 brings a variety of bug-fixes to KWin, Dolphin, and KSharedDataCache, among other KDE packages...

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