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Firefox Addon Shortens Lengthy Browser Tasks

Want to automate common Firefox browsing tasks, such as logging into your Web-based mail, or tracking a package online? Then you'll want to give the free DéjàClick a try. It's a simple-to-use recording program that will record your actions, let you save them as a script, and then run them...

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Linux Desktop Turns 10; World Yawns

Sure, you could always use Linux as a desktop OS, but it wasn't until November 1999 that Corel introduced a Linux designed for ordinary users. It's been a long, strange trip since then.
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Python 3 Moratorium Now Official

The Python 3 language syntax has been frozen for two years to allow developers and alternative Python implementations to switch over to a more stable version...

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Linux Weather Forecast

The 2.6.31 kernel was released on September 9.  The 2.6.31 development cycle, lasting exactly three months,  saw the addition of almost 11,000 individual changes from over 1100 developers representing almost 200 different companies.  2.6.31 has  408,000 more lines of code than 2.6.30.

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PHP Founder Takes Flight from Yahoo!

MS deal 'as lame as I feared'
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Is Mozilla's Contributions Program Working?

A few months ago Mozilla gave add-on developers a tip jar as a way for them to get paid for their creations. But is anyone making any money off the program?
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