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No Linux Finger Pointing, Please

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols's (in?)famous "Five Ways The Linux Desktop Shoots Itself In The Foot" has generated as much heat as it has light.
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Mozilla Disables, Reinstates Microsoft Plugin for Firefox

Mozilla has temporarily disabled Microsoft's WPF plugin for Firefox in order to protect users from a security vulnerability that was recently uncovered in the component. The vulnerability can be exploited when users visit malicious Web pages that contain specially crafted XAML content.
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Study Shows Open-Source Code Quality Steadily Improving

A study by Coverity shows that defects in open-source code are declining, which is good news for organizations such as government agencies that increasingly rely on open-source software.
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Developer Days 2009: Qt Grows

Last week, Munich saw the 2009 Edition of the Qt Developer Days. Qt Developer Days is a Qt-focused software conference which is held yearly in Europe and the U.S. The American edition will be held at the start of November in San Francisco. 700 attendants and more than 70 Trolls made this edition the biggest Developer Days to date.
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Linux 2.6.32-rc5 Released

As mentioned in the -rc4 notes, this was a short week for the -rc series, since I'm leaving for the yearly kernel summit tomorrow morning.
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Underwhelmed by Wave: Google’s Wave Falls Short

After chomping at the bit to get a Google Wave invite, the reality leaves a bit to be desired. While Wave has some interesting features and a slightly new take on collaboration, the current implementation has little to offer beyond what you'll already find in tools like EtherPad and Google Docs.
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