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Report: Linux Desktop Evolves with GNOME 2.30

A new Linux desktop user interface promises a number of innovations, but the big changes are coming soon in GNOME 3.
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New Version of JRuby Ready for Launch

The JRuby language gets commercial support as a major new JRuby version approaches, promising easier integration of Ruby development and Java.
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Chrome Share Gain outpaces Browser Rivals

Chrome edged up 0.5 percentage points in usage, more than rivals, but Mozilla likes to look at gains in its absolute numbers of users.
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Hacker Pomises Linux on PS3 Will Live On

Following the recent outcry after Sony announced it will remove the "Install Other OS" option from all versions of the console, a hacker has stepped up and announced that he will find "a safe way of updating to retain OtherOS support"...
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Google Builds Adobe's Flash into Chrome

Google and Adobe have announced that they are to collaborate on development of the Adobe's Flash plug-in. As a first step, Google's Chrome web browser is to have Adobe's Flash Player built in...
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Walker: GNOME Accessibility Hackfest

Willie Walker has posted a detailed report from the GNOME Accessibility Hackfest. "Some people have suggested that it will be OK if GNOME 3 goes out the door inaccessible, using the analogy that it took GNO...
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