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Report: Living Dead KDE3, the Trinity Tales

They keep trying to kill KDE3, but it refuses to...

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The New, Need-Driven Browser Choice Model

It used to be relatively easy for people to pick which browser to use, and one of the reasons that Microsoft's Internet Explorer still has dominant browser share is simpy that it came bundled with millions of copies of Windows on new computers. Firefox, more than any other browser of the last several years, made it a bit more complicated to decide on a browser. If you placed value on its extensions, which are hugely useful, it made more sense to use than Internet Explorer...

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Guido on the history of Python

Python creator Guido van Rossum has been writing a series on the history of the language; the latest installment is titled From List Comprehensions to Generator Expressions". "Why the differences, and why the changes to a more restrictive list comprehension...

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Programming with Scratch

As a homeschooling parent, I'm a big fan of educational software and I've written quite a bit about about various programs in the past.

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Google testing new menu for Chrome

Google has begun testing a new "Unified Menu" in the latest developer channel (a.k.a. the Dev channel) ...

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Tutorial: 3 Excellent Command-linefus for Linux is a fun repository for storing and sharing shell...

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