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GNOME OS Is On the Way - But Mainly for Testing and Development Purposes

The GNOME project, which is facing heavy criticism over usability issues, is to build a touch-capable 'GNOME OS' as a way of improving the overall experience for users and developers...

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Could Android Find Success on the Desktop?

Is Google preparing to do what it was rumored to do for so long, namely bring the Android mobile OS to the desktop? Today's Android user on a smartphone may scoff at the idea but there are signs that Google might have the desktop in its sights, and it's also clear that Chrome OS has not been the revolution on laptops or desktops that Google had hoped it woud be. Here are some of the rumblings about the possibility of Android on the desktop. The Eye on Linux blog is wondering whether Google has desktop aspirations with Android: "There are millions and millions of people using Android on their smartphones, and even some that are using it on tablets. What would happen if there was a version of Android released for the desktop?" The Eye on Linux post takes note of a very interesting post from Steven Vaughan-Nichols...

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LibreOffice 3.6.0 Arrives with Incremental Improvements

The Document Foundation has released version 3.6.0 of LibreOffice, the fourth major iteration of the open source productivity suite. While it doesn't bring any outstanding changes, the update does bring a number of incremental improvements and new features...

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Buffer Overflows in KOffice and Calligra Reported

A vulnerability in the ODF renderer used by KOffice and Calligra that uses a buffer overflow to execute arbitrary code has been reported. The vulnerability is rated Highly Critical...

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GNOME OS Plans Laid Out

At the recent Guadec 2012 GNOME developers conference, birds of a feather sessions saw the project set out goals for a GNOME OS initiative to improve GNOME for all users and developers...

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KDE Delivers August Stabilisation Update

The latest update to the 4.8.x branch of the KDE Software Collection fixes several bugs and brings performance improvements across the whole desktop. A Kubuntu PPA already includes the new version...

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