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FatELF to Bring Universal Binaries to Linux

FatELF hopes to bring the ease of use of Mac OS X Universal Binaries to Linux and other free operating systems...
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A Few Of Fedora 12's Coming Features

Fedora 12's public beta is now out -- what timing, right? -- and while a cursory glance at the feature list as a whole doesn't sport anything revolutionary, there's more than a few goodies worth singling out.
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Ars Takes a First Look Under the Hood of Fedora 12

The community behind the Fedora Linux distribution has announced the availability of the Fedora 12 beta. Fedora 12, which is codenamed Constantine, is scheduled for official release in November.
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An Inside Look at the Ubuntu Release Cycle

In the Ubuntu world, we release a new version of Ubuntu every six months, and inside each Ubuntu release cycle we cram in a huge amount of work. Through the cycle there is a sync with Debian, a merge of our patches, six alpha releases, a beta, a release candidate and all the feature development, bug fixing and other work that goes into making our favorite Operating System.
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Autonomously Finding Performance Regressions In The Linux Kernel

Last weekend a few Phoronix benchmarks were underway of the Linux 2.6.32-rc5 kernel when a very significant performance regression was spotted.
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Avoid Trap Of Proprietary Cloud Tooling: Use Simple API

What's the first thing you should do if you're thinking of developing software for cloud computing? At ZendCon, Zend Technologies user group yesterday, three members of a five member panel answered the same way: adopt Simple Cloud API, the open source cloud services interface.
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