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5 Python Pluses for the Enterprise

By now, you should at least be passingly familiar with Python. One of the fastest-growing languages, Python has been gaining popularity for years and has reached...

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A system based on Debian

The idea of a Linux Mint desktop based on top of Debian Testing is quite seducing. It’s much faster than Ubuntu and the current Linux Mint desktops, it uses less resources, and it opens the door for a rolling distribution, with a continuous flow of updates and no jumps from one release to another. It’s something we’ve always been tempted to do.

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Mercurial 1.6 released

Version 1.6 of the Mercurial distributed version control system has been released. The new features and bug fixes from the release...

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GIMP 2.7.1 with new user interface

The GIMP project has released a new developer version of...

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Firefox on the iPhone? Mozilla submits Firefox Home to Apple

We've known that Mozilla has been working on a version...

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Report: Living Dead KDE3, the Trinity Tales

They keep trying to kill KDE3, but it refuses to...

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